• Written by  Rosen Genchev

Do we need а gaming coach?

Shall I get coached at any game?

Everybody has asked themselves at one point or another about getting trained by a professional at some sort of game. The answer to that question is quite simple, it depends. You will ask “Then what it depends on?”. It depends on what you will do when you pay and receive the knowledge and skills.

First of all, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this kind of service. Some people would say that this is the fastest way to improve, and they are probably right. Coaching has several benefits, one of them is the personal attitude which the guy on the other side of the screen offers you. Some of you reading are probably wondering why that is so important. Well it’s most definitely better than watching YouTube. Every time you make a mistake or ask a particular question, your coach will tell you in a kind way what you should do in order to develop yourself as a gamer.


Another positive side is that you save time from staring at videos and analyzing playstyles. The reason behind that is most pros, as we call them, are going to communicate with you via platform for online calls usually, Discord. They will ask you to share your screen in order to tell you in real time what you are doing wrong, how it should be done and how to take your game to the next level.

Although we mentioned some of the advantages, let’s take into account a thing or two about the cons. The thing which can’t be omitted is obviously the price. For a good coach that you are sure is going to help, you must sacrifice a couple of hundred dollars which in today’s world with Covid-19 around is not that low of a fee, don’t you think? Now, why don’t we take a look at whether you need to get trained. If you are an average player just looking to improve their rank or be able to defeat the final boss, then I don’t advise you to take up any paid coaching.


After reading that you might be looking a little puzzled at the screen with the thought “He doesn’t want me to get better” and the answer to that is no. If you are already decent at а particular game with sacrificing a bit of your spare time you can learn and practice by watching YouTube or reading guides on any site you trust. Doing it you will save a reasonable amount of money which you can invest in new PC for example.

Now here comes the fun part. If you want to become a pro-player, streamer, Youtuber or maybe even an ESports player then you should most definitely break your piggy bank and put your savings into use. Buy a “teacher” you already know. This won’t only make you better at the game in the shortest possible time but at the end it will be all worth it. Using the paid training you will save time as I said earlier. Doing so you can put that time and energy into not only games but also spending time with family or hanging out with friends for example.

Another aspect is that you can utilize going to tournaments. If you decide to take part at such competition you won’t only show off your new skills but also learn from other well-prepared players, as well. In case you lose though, don’t get disappointed, at the end of the road it is just for fun.

So, what do you think now? Are you going to get trained?